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Global HR Director / Manager

Job Locations:
Oslo, Norway


We are seeking a Global HR Director to provide strategic and operational leadership to ensure continuous development of our organizational culture and people strategy across all our global offices. This role is based in Norway and will report to the CEO.

Elliptic Labs seeks to recruit, retain, and develop talent and create an employee-oriented, high-performance culture that emphasizes excellence and collaboration. This role is responsible for leading and managing Elliptic Labs’ global employee life cycle, and the development of new people-related systems, processes, and metrics that support the achievement of the organization’s business goals and strategic objectives.

Elliptic Labs (OSE: ELABS) is an AI software platform company targeting the smartphone, laptop, IoT, and automotive markets. Working with customers and partners across the globe, we have offices in China, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, and Norway (headquarters). Our technology is deployed in hundreds of millions of devices in multiple verticals.

We offer:

  • A fast-paced environment where no day is the same
  • Varied work tasks with lots of responsibilities
  • Excellent opportunities for developing skills and competencies as well as professional growth (our HR function in a highly valued role)
  • Work in a global and rapidly growing team and company
  • Flexibility and competitive compensation including option plan

Job Responsibilities


  • Understand, define, and execute relevant HR actions, prioritizing according to business needs
  • Implement Business/Corporate/Group HR strategy as it applies to the company across Europe (HQ), North America, and Asia
  • Advise and support management on all HR-related issues, policies, and processes
  • Ensure the sustainability of accurate data
  • Develop and use metrics to measure HR performance, introducing tools as needed


  • Workforce planning as a solid base for recruitment — create succession plans, and ensure enough anticipation throughout the company for effective implementation
  • In team, build a good base for sourcing candidates (including internal candidates) and build relations with recruitment agencies
  • Personally interview candidates for key positions in HR’s area of responsibility, and recommend whether to employ, salary, and employment conditions. Influence line managers as necessary
  • Ensure the process of new hire introduction and probationary period is performed


  • Build managers’ ownership of the management of their people, including coaching at a senior level
  • Implement performance management system (OKRs)
  • Prepare and manage the annual People Review, including development plans. Ensure feedback to individuals
  • Manage, define and implement development activities that are appropriate for all
  • Manage, define and implement training programs and measure their efficiency
  • Develop appropriate global policies and practices to align Elliptic Labs’ best practices for all employees
  • Ensure implementation of annual salary review and short-term incentives payments on time

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Graduated with a bachelor’s degree majoring in human resources, psychology, business studies, social science, or economy
  • 10 years of HR working experience in a similar environment
  • Worked in a Generalist HR management role covering all areas of HR management practice, preferably with teams across the globe
  • Ability to connect, have strong communication skills and is an agile team player in a fast-moving environment and can also work autonomously
  • Professional expertise in employment law, redundancies, and employee relations across countries and or regions 
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in English, both written and verbal

Please apply with your resume and cover letter here.

* Be aware that Elliptic Labs cannot offer sponsorship to its employees or potential employees.


Elliptic Labs是一家面向智能手机, 笔记本电脑, 物联网和汽车市场的国际企业. 公司成立于2006年, 衍生自挪威奥斯陆大学 (Oslo University) 的一家分支研究机构. 公司的AI专利软件结合了超声波和传感器融合算法, 提供直观的3D无接触手势交互, 接近感应和存在检测功能. 其可扩展的AI虚拟智能传感器交互平台创造了可持续性的, 生态友好的纯软件传感器, 并已有上几亿台设备搭载其技术. Elliptic Labs是市场上唯一一家使用AI软件, 超声波和传感器融合进行大规模检测的软件公司. 公司在奥斯陆证券交易所 (Oslo Børs) 上市.

Elliptic Labs公司总部设在挪威, 在美国, 中国, 韩国, 中国台北和日本均有分支机构. Elliptic Labs的技术和专利在挪威开发, 归属公司专有.

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