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Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ uses AI machine learning, ultrasound, and sensor fusion to detect people and their surroundings, making every device smarter, more human and environmentally friendly

Elliptic Labs’ software-only AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ delivers robust, cost-efficient and highly accurate detection capabilities scalable to billions of smart devices. Elliptic Labs has an installed base of hundreds million devices, primarily in popular mobile phones and laptops. This advanced technology is now available for all embedded devices.

Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Software Sensor Platform delivers human presence detection, and proximity-, position-, gesture-, breathing- and heartbeat-detection experiences. In general, we require no extra hardware sensors as the AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform utilizes standard, built-in speaker and microphone to create these experiences concurrent with existing audio. Our AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform can also combine other single purpose hardware sensors to deliver additional capabilities.

The AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform can be configured to detect relative position, monitor wellness data, and securely transmit data between multiple devices. With long-range capabilities, the devices support a wide field of view that simplifies sensor orientation and placement. Unlike hardware passive infrared sensors, the Elliptic Labs Virtual Smart Sensor works in all lighting conditions and a wide variety of other conditions to accurately detect presence.

Advanced Capabilities

Offers highly accurate sensing capability using AI ultrasound and sensor-fusion. Delivers up to 360-degree field of view and works in all lighting conditions and even around corners

No Dedicated Hardware Sensors

Uses a device’s existing speaker(s), microphone(s), and any other on-device sensors, saving component costs, reducing supply-chain concerns, and simplifying integration

Memory & Computationally Efficient Implementation

Only requires 25MIPS and less than 100K memory, enabling AI processing to be fully on-device

Enables Innovative Industrial Design

No extra hardware required frees up space and increases design capabilities

Extremely Secure and Private

All virtual sensor processing is local, highly secure, and safeguards user privacy, with no need for a camera or network connection