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Corporate Governance

Article of Association

July 14, 2023

Corporate Governance Documents

Board of Directors


Svenn-Tore Larsen

Edvin Austbø

Ingrid Elvira Leisner

Berit Svendsen


Other current directorships and management positions:

Previous directorships and management positions last five years:


Audit Committee

Ingrid Elvira Leisner
Berit Svendsen

Remuneration Committee

Edvin Austbø
Berit Svendsen

Shareholder Meetings

The general meeting is open to all shareholders and all shareholders have equal voting rights.

Nomination Committee

Elliptic Laboratories ASA has a Nomination Committee which is elected with a defined mandate during the Annual General Meeting. The Nomination Committee’s duties are to represent the interests of the shareholders in general, and propose qualified candidates for the Annual General Meeting’s election of the Board of Directors as well as propose the remuneration to the Board of Directors.

The Nomination Committee consists currently of two members who are shareholders or who represent the shareholders. Neither the company’s executive personnel nor any of the board of directors are represented on the Nomination Committee.

The deadline for submitting proposals to the Nomination Committee is two months before the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in submitting a proposal to the Nomination Committee, please contact the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Lars Holmøy, to receive instructions on how to contact the committee. 

Contact Investor Relations

Lars Holmøy

[email protected]
+47 402 84 028