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Media Coverage

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Lenovo Equips New Laptops with Norwegian Technology — Uses Sound to See You

Digi.no | March 12, 2023

Article by Oskar Hope-Paulsrud.

Asia, US the Largest Markets for Smart Speakers

CNBC | April 3, 2018

Interview covering Elliptic Labs’ “INNER REFLECTION” for Smart speakers, aired in 106 countries and 405 million viewers.

Day 4 at MWC 2018: We Pick the Top Tech from the Big Show in Barcelona

Digital Trends | March 1, 2018

Elliptic Labs nominated as “Top Tech to Watch” at MWC Barcelona 2019.

Article by Andy Boxall.

Elliptic Labs Launches Ultrasound Sensor for Smart Speakers

Dealerscope | February 28, 2018

Article by Rob Stott.

Stop Alexa with a Wave of Your Hand with Elliptic Labs’ Ultrasound Technology

Digital Trends | February 27, 2018

Article by Simon Hill.

11 Best Startups to Watch in 2018

Tom’s Guide | January 18, 2018

Article by Tom’s Guide Staff.

CES 2018

Blick | January 2018

Meet the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the Power Behind Next-Gen Phones

Digital Trends | December 8, 2017

Article by Christian de Looper.

Xiaomi’s Big Phone Is Back Now Just a Tiny Bit Smaller

Wired | September 11, 2017

Article by Maurizio Pesce.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 Evolves the Full-Screen Smartphone

The Verge | September 11, 2017

Article by Dan Seifert.

And Now for the Auto-Selfie: How Ultrasound Is the New Frontier for Phones, and More

South China Morning Post | April 14, 2017

Article by Jamie Carter.

Ultrasound for HMI on Intelligent Personal Assistants

EE Times Europe| March 14, 2017

Article by Peter Clarke.

Meet the Next Big Thing for Smart Homes

Tom’s Guide | March 2, 2017

Article by Philip Michaels.

The Secret to Accurate Gesture Control Might Lie in Sonar Technology

Critical Hit Technology | March 1, 2017

Article by Craig Risi.

DT Daily MWC 2017: A 20-minute phone charge, Gear VR controller, Android One phone

Digital Trends | February 28, 2017

Article by Andy Boxall.

Home Assistants Like Amazon Echo Could Be a Boon for Assisted Living

MIT Technology Review | February 28, 2017

Article by Rachel Metz.

How Technology Can Help the Elderly Retain Their Independence

The Huffington Post | February 28, 2017

Article by Adi Gaskell.

Ultrasound Can Make Gesture Controls on Your Smartphone Actually Useful

The Verge | February 28, 2017

Article by James Vincent.

Mobile World Congress 2017

Digital Trends| February 2017

CES 2017 Mobile Trends

READ IT Quik | January 12, 2017

Article by Rhucha Kulkarni.

Look, Ma — No Bezels! Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Is Even More Gorgeous in Person: Our First Take

Digital Trends | January 9, 2017

Article by Julian Chokkattu.

CES 2017: Little-Known Elliptic Labs Could Reshape the Smartphone Industry

IEEE Spectrum | January 6, 2017

Article by Amy Nordrum.

Nubia Z11, Xiaomi Mi Mix: Two Phones Straight Out of the Future

IndiaTodayInTech | December 19, 2016

Article by Saurabh Singh.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Review

GearBest.com | December 18, 2016

Mi Mix: How Xiaomi Built the Phone of the Future

India Today In Tech | October 28, 2016

Article by Saurabh Singh.

Xiaomi Debuts Magical Mi Mix

Tech News World | October 27, 2016

Article by John P. Mello Jr.

Are Gesture-Control Devices the Next Big Thing in Home Tech?

Builder | October 27, 2016

Article by Lauren Shanesy.

Xiaomi MIX Phone First to Use Inner Beauty Proximity Sensor

App Developer Magazine | October 27, 2016

Article by Michael Haynes.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Uses Some Pretty Slick Tech to Replace Its Promixity Sensor

Digital Trends | October 26, 2016

Article by Christian de Looper.

Ultrasound Proximity Sensing Wins Xiaomi’s Heart

EE Times Europe | October 26, 2016

Article by Julien Happich.

Xiaomi Launches Smartphone with Ultrasound Sensor

Telecom Asia | October 26, 2016

Article by Dylan Bushell-Embling.

Xiaomi’s Mi MIX Is All About Its Gorgeous Edge-to-Edge Display

Engaget | October 25, 2016

Article by Richard Lai.

Xiaomi Pushes Design in Latest Product Update

Mobile World Live | October 25, 2016

Article by Steve Costello.

Xiaomi Is Finally Stepping Out of Apple and Samsung’s Shadows

Mashable | October 25, 2016

Article by Raymond Wong.


NRK TV| October 25, 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016

Phone Scoop| February 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016

Tom’s Hardware| February 2016

The New Gesture Recognition System That Will Finally Make You Feel Like a Jedi

Inverse | January 20, 2016

Article by Lea Weatherby.

Elliptic Labs Ultrasound Software Could Replace Smartphone Proximity Sensor

Geeky Gadgets | January 20, 2016

Article by Roland Hutchinson.

Elliptic’s Ultrasonic Gestures for Mobile Can Make You Feel Like Jedi

SlashGear | January 20, 2016

Article by JC Torres.

The Proximity Sensors May Be Removed from Our Phones

States Chronicle | January 20, 2016

Article by Sebastian McMannen.

Ultrasound Could Replace Proximity Sensors in Future Phones, Report

The British Journal | January 20, 2016

Article by Staffs.

Ultrasound Proximity Software May Outshine Phone Sensors

Tech Xplore | January 20, 2016

Article by Nancy Owano.

Ultrasound Could Soon Replace Proximity Sensors on Our Phones

Ubergizmo | January 20, 2016

Article by Tyler Lee.

Those Ugly Black Sensor Dots on Your Phone May Finally Be Going Away

Mashable | January 19, 2016

Article by Pete Pachal.

Ultrasound and Software Could Replace a Phone’s Proximity Sensor

Engadget | January 19, 2016

Article by Chris Velazco.

Elliptic Labs to Bring Ultrasound Proximity Gestures to Smartphones

Android Authority | January 19, 2016

Article by Rob Triggs.

Ultrasound Proximity Software Replaces Hardware-Based Sensors

EETimes | January 19, 2016

Article by Julien Happich.

Elliptic Labs Working On Ultrasound Proximity Sensor

Android Headlines | January 19, 2016

Article by Daniel Fuller.

Elliptic Lab’s BEAUTY to Replace Tiny Black Sensors on Smartphones

Bidness Etc | January 19, 2016

Article by Mohid Ahmed.

Those Ugly Black Sensor Dots on Your Phone May Finally Be Going Away

BD Tech 24 | January 19, 2016

Article by Hasan Maruf.

Elliptic Labs wants to Replace the Proximity Sensor on Your Phone with Ultrasound

Digital Trends | January 19, 2016

Article by Julian Chokkattu.

Smartphone Might Not Need Proximity Sensors to…Sense Proximity

LiliPuting | January 19, 2016

Article by Brad Linder.

Those Ugly Black Sensor Dots on Your Phone May Finally Be Going Away

postAbit.com | January 19, 2016

Article by Pete Pachal.

Elliptic Labs Wants to Replace Your Smartphone’s IR Proximity Sensors with Ultrasound

Technology Personalized | January 19, 2016

Article by Mahit Huilgol.

Elliptic Labs Replaces Smartphone Proximity Sensor with Ultrasound Software

Techaeris | January 19, 2016

Article by Jason Bouwmeester.

Elliptic Labs Launches Solution to Replace Proximity Sensors in Smartphones

TeleAnalysis | January 19, 2016

Article by Gyana Ranjan Swain.

BEAUTY Is an Ultrasound and Software-Based Technology of Optical Proximity Sensors

Tech News Today | January 19, 2016

Article by Bob Hahn.

Thanks To Elliptical Labs No More Black Dots on Our Smartphones

TechMalak | January 19, 2016

Article by Sierra Schaffer.

Ultrasound Could Replace Proximity Sensors in Future Phones

TweakTown | January 19, 2016

Article by Jeff Williams.

Ultrasound Can Replace Your Smartphone’s Proximity Sensor

The Verge | January 19, 2016

Article by Vlad Savov.

Your Next Phone May Use Ultrasound to Detect Your Cheek

Tom’s Guide | January 19, 2016

Article by Philip Michaels.

Bats Use Echo Location to Munch Bugs, But This Phone Uses It to Snap Selfies

Digital Trends | March 6, 2015

Malaria Gokey from Digital Trends writes about Elliptic Labs’ advances build on the recently launched Multi-Layer Interaction (MLI) capability from Elliptic Labs, which adds a new dimension to the user interface.

Watch This: Hands Free Phone Gestures from 2 Meters Away

GigaOM | March 4, 2015

Kevin C. Tofel from GigaOM writes about Elliptic Labs’ software and the new 2 meter range which is great for selfies and group photos.

Control Your Phone from Seven Feet Away

Discovery News | March 4, 2015

Renee Morad from Discovery News writes about Elliptic Labs’ technology represented at Mobile World Congress.

Elliptic Labs Unleashes Faster Touchless Gesturing for Mobile Devices

TheNextWeb.com | March 3, 2015

Jackie Dove from TheNextWeb writes about Elliptic Labs’ enhanced speed, accuracy and range.

Gesture Tech Will Bring Hands-Free Control to Your Phone

Cult of Mac | March 3, 2015

David Pierini from Cult of Mac writes about Elliptic Labs’ technology that recognizes hand gestures with the use of microphones on a smartphone or tablet.

Elliptic Labs Makes Using Mobiles Easier with Simple Swipes

Daily Mail Online | March 3, 2015

Elliptic Labs makes every aspect of using your mobile phone easier. Watch videos, play games, switch your device off and on and more at the swipe of a hand.

Swedish Royals Visit Silicon Valley to Learn More About Nordic Tech Companies

MyFoxAtlanta | January 19, 2015

Laila Danielsen is the CEO of Elliptic Labs and is working with phone manufactures to launch her touch-less gesturing software next year which uses ultrasound. Danielsen is originally from Norway and moved to Silicon Valley about 20 years ago. “I love, love, love building companies and I love technology. If you want to have a company and take it worldwide you have to come to…

Royal Recognition

January 2015

Elliptic Labs Demos Ultrasonic Touchless Gesturing Technology

Tom’s Hardware | January 16, 2015

Guenael Strutt, VP Product Development at Elliptic Labs demonstrates the company’s ultrasonic touchless gesturing technology and the new Multi Layer Interaction technology at CES 2015.

CES 2015

Tom’s Hardware| January 2015

Control Your Smartphone With the Wave of a Hand

Popular Science | January 13, 2015

Lindsey Kratochwill from Popular Science writes about Elliptic Labs’ software and how gesture control technology is going mobile.

A Microphone for Gestures and Canines

Electronic Engineering Journal | January 8, 2015

Bryon Moyer of Electronic Engineering Journal discusses Elliptic Labs and adding microphones to ultrasonic gesture recognition software.

CES 2015: Elliptic Labs Wants to Transform Your Smartphone UX with Ultrasonic Gesturing

Crave Online | January 8, 2015

Grffrin Vacheron met with VP of Product Development Guenael Strutt at CES 2015, and after a mere 15-minute conversation he had Mr. Vacheron convinced that intuitive gestures may just be the way of the future.

Elliptic Labs Makes Mobile Devices More Intuitive to Use With Multilayer Gesture Recognition

Analog and DSP | January 5, 2015

Analog and DSP describes Elliptic Labs’ gesture recognition technology and the benefits of using this technology.

Elliptic Labs Ultrasonic Gestures Are Impressive and Coming Soon

CNET | October 6, 2014

Tim Stevens from CNET is reporting from CEATEC 2014 in Japan this week.

At Last, Phones Will Get Ultrasound Gesture Control in First Half of 2015

Engadget | October 6, 2014

Richard Lai from Engadget reports the CEATEC launch of new Elliptic Labs gesture recognition technology.


Engaget | October 2014

The Gesture Control We Want for Smartphones, Wearables Is Here

Slash Gear | October 6, 2014

Nate Swanner from SlashGear finds the gesture control he wants for smartphone and wearables with Elliptic Labs technology.

Elliptic Labs Shows Off Improved Ultrasonic Touchless Gesturing Coming to Mobile Devices Next Year

9to5 Google | October 6, 2014

Jordan Kahn from 9to5 Google review Elliptic Labs touchless technology for mobile devices.

Elliptic Labs’ Mobile Motion Sensing Tech Uses Ultrasound

Tom’s Hardware | October 6, 2014

Kevin Parrish from Tom’s Hardware review Elliptic Labs’ Mobile Motion Sensing Technology with Ultrasound.

Coming Next Year: Ultrasonic-Based Gestures-in-Air for Your Phone

Venture Beat | October 6, 2014

Barry Levine from VentureBeat review the Multi-Layer-Interaction technology from Elliptic Labs.

Control Your Smartphone with Hand Gestures

ZDNet The Netherlands | March 3, 2014

Elliptic Labs is one of the touchless gesture companies discussed in this article by Noemie Six.

All See, or How to Re-Invent the Gesture Control

Compulenta | March 3, 2014

Vladimir Paramonov discussed how touchless gesturing can be accomplished with ultrasound.

Mobile World Congress 2014

CoolSmartPhone | February 2014

4:30 PM Radio

German National Radio | February 26, 2014

Radio story about the new UIs for smartphones as well as a written article describing Elliptic Labs technology by Manfred Koiber.

Use Mobile Phones and Tablets Without Touch

Teltarif.de | February 25, 2014

This German article discusses how Elliptic Labs uses touchless gesturing with ultrasound and the demos at MWC, written by Henning Gajek.

Look: Here They Control the Smartphone Without Touch

E24 Digital | February 25, 2014

An article describing the Elliptic Labs touchless gesture solution.

Can Touchless Gesture Control Enter the Mainstream?

CNN | February 24, 2014

By Lauren Said-Moorhouse — CNN talks about how the ultrasonic technology of Elliptic Labs is showing how effective the solution is on smartphones.

Elliptic Labs Uses Ultrasound

Teknisk Ukeblad | February 24, 2014

The article talks about the Norwegian company Elliptic Labs demonstrating its ultrasonic touchless gesturing at MWC written by Odd Richard Valmot.

Elliptic Labs’ Touchless Gesture Smartphone SDK Demo’ed at Mobile World Congress

ETNews.com; Korea IT News | February 20, 2014

ITers News describes the Elliptic Labs SDK and how it makes it easier to navigate and access information on consumer devices.

Motion Control – Wave to the Future

E&T Engineering & Technology Magazine | February 10, 2014

Kris Sangani gives an overview of touchless gesturing provides insight into the differences between ultrasound and camera.

CES 2014 Gadgets Galore

ReviewCentre | January 12, 2014

Elliptic Labs technology is highlighted as one of the most exciting solutions demonstrated at CES.

Hands on With CES 2014’s Craziest Human Interfaces

The Verge | January 10, 2014

Elliptic Labs tablet and smartphone demos are shown off in this video story from The Verge.

I Am the Interface

The Verge | January 10, 2014

Elliptic Labs’ works even if your hand isn’t hovering over your screen like you might to answer a call on a Galaxy S4.

At CES 2014, Next-Wave Smartphone Tech on Display

CNET | January 9, 2014

CNET interviewed Elliptic Labs and included the company in its CES round-up, saying that ultrasonic touchless gesturing is a cool way to make hands-free navigational gestures both more elaborate and more accurate.

What’s Behind Next-gen Mobile Gestures? Ultrasound (Hands On)

CNET | January 8, 2014

Touchless gestures like scrolling and advancing a photo or music track are going to get a lot more interesting, as seen in a CNET video and interview.

Hands On with Touchless Gestures Using Ultrasound from Elliptic Labs

Talk Android | January 8, 2014

Elliptic Labs shows off its technology to Rob Nazarian from TalkAndroid.

Elliptic to Debut Touchless Gesturing Technology at CES2014

ET News | January 6, 2014

Elliptic Labs brings it Android smartphone SDK to CES this week, along with a hands on demo.

Touchless Gesturing on Android Smartphones

Let’s Go Digital | January 4, 2014

Elliptic Labs will showcase its SDK for Android smartphones to CES2014.

Gesture Interface at CES Taps Ultrasound.

EE Times | January 3, 2014

Elliptic Lab’s gesture recognition technology may be the cure for those frustrated by sensitive touchscreen sensors.

US Debut of First SDK for Touchless Gesturing on Android Smartphones Using Ultrasound from Elliptic Labs

Reuters | January 2, 2014

Press release announcing Elliptic Labs CES demo.

Wolfson to Use Bat-Like Sonar for Gesture Recognition

EE Times | November 22, 2013

Wolfson selects Elliptic Labs’ ultrasonic gesture recognition system to provide gesture control for consumer electronics devices.

Wolfson Audio Chips Help to Create “Minority Report”-Style Technology

HispanicBusiness.com | November 22, 2013

Elliptic Labs teams up with Wolfson to bring to life technology similar to that used by Tom Cruise film Minority Report.

Wolfson Audio Chips Help to Create Touchless Technology

The Scotsman | November 22, 2013

Elliptic Labs work with Wolfson to increase gesture control on consumer devices including mobile phones, tablet computers and even in-car entertainment systems.

Wolfson Agrees Partnership

Herald Scotland | November 21, 2013

Elliptic and Wolfson partner to use create new technology for mobile devices.

Wolfson Agrees Partnership with “Gesture Control” Technology Developer

Daily Record | November 21, 2013

Elliptic combines ultrasonic touchless gesture control solution with Wolfson’s ultra-low power platform to create ‘always on’ hands free control.

Wolfson Brings “Always On” Gesture Control to Smartphones and Tablets

New Electronics | November 21, 2013

Elliptic’s technology utilizes sound waves to interpret hand movements, delivering 3D gesture control with a 180° field of view at all sides of an electronic device.

Wolfson Implements Ultrasonic Gesture Recognition

ElectronicsWeekly.com | November 21, 2013

Elliptic Labs and Wolfson partnership creates excitement about next-generation devices.

Sound Through Gesture Control

Compute Scotland | November 21, 2013

Elliptic Labs CEO Laila Danielsen explains that combined technology with Wolfson means new possibilities for the market.

Video: Next-Gen Ultrasonic Gesture Interfaces Ready for Smartphones

The Independent | October 11, 2013

Elliptic Labs won the 2013 Innovation Award at the 2013 CEATEC trade show in Japan earlier this month. A chip just millimetres across and an SDK for Android phones (a sort of manual for connecting hardware to software) were both unveiled at the event.

Elliptic Labs Gesture Control Could Be Kinect for Your Phone by 2014

SlashGear | October 11, 2013

Elliptic Labs gesture control system uses tiny ultrasonic sensors to grant 180-degree awareness to phones and tablets, picking up hand movement from up to three feet away, whether it’s in front of the device or off to the side.

Elliptic Labs Develops Ultrasonic Gesture Control for Hand-Held Devices

Phys.org | October 11, 2013

Elliptic Labs won the CEATEC 2013 Innovation Award in the Computing and Networking category this year for its innovative chip, because of its ease of portability to multiple devices and extremely small size allowing for embedding in virtually any device.

Elliptic Labs Ultrasound Chip Brings Gesture Control For Mobiles – Android SDK Released

CrazyEngineers | October 11, 2013

Equipped with tiny microphones, transducers, and Elliptic Labs software, Android smartphone OEM’s can now use the ultrasound spectrum (above 20kHz) to enable touchless gesturing.

Soon, Ultrasound Tech to Enable Gesture Control in Mobiles and Tablets

HispanicBusiness | October 11, 2013

Elliptic Labs’ gesture system uses sound rather than sight and hence, the sensor can recognise gestures from a 180-degree field and also consumes less power and works in the dark.

Elliptic’s New Ultrasound Technology “Makes Touchless Control Possible”

CBR Online | October 11, 2013

Elliptic Labs software SDK, is giving smartphone manufacturers a way to easily and cost effectively include consumer-friendly touchless gesturing in their phones.

Ultrasound Chip Offers Gesture Control for Mobiles

BBC | October 10, 2013

Elliptic’s gesture-control system apart from others is its wide field of use, up to a metre away from the phone. It means it can identify mid-air gestures accurately.

Sound Waves Could Bring Gesture Control to Mobile Devices

UPI | October 10, 2013

Elliptic’s gesture-control system offers a wide field and can recognize gestures made as far as 3 feet from a device, identifying mid-air gestures accurately.

Wave Goodbye to the Touchscreen

TheStar | October 7, 2013

Elliptic Labs’ technology uses ultrasound, rather than infra-red sensors (like the Kinect) or cameras (like both the Kinect and Leap Motion), and therefore is much simpler and cheaper to build into consumer electronics devices and has none of the other technologies’ drawbacks.

Ultrasound-Based Gesture Tech Coming to Android with New SDK

GearBurn | October 3, 2013

Elliptic Labs has launched a software development kit (SDK) that works via a dedicated ultrasound transmitter to interpret motion that can “tell” any Android device what to do.

13:56 – 21:20 Natasha Lomas Talks About the Elliptic SDK

TechCrunch DroidCast Podcast | October 3, 2013

Elliptic Labs Brings Ultrasound-Based Touchless Gesturing to Android

IntoMobile | October 2, 2013

Elliptic’s ultrasonic touchless gesturing technology promises to bring “science fiction closer to reality.”

CEATEC 2013 Innovation Awards Winners’ list

Ubergizmo | October 2, 2013

Elliptic Labs Won Ceatec Japan Innovation Award, 2013.

Elliptic Labs Brings Touchless Gesturing to Smartphones Using Ultrasound Technology

SiliconRepublic | October 2, 2013

Elliptic’s technology uses little power and with our high resolution, you will be able to play popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers or any other games that require high relative accuracy and speed.

Elliptic Labs Brings Ultrasound Gesturing SDK to Android

DeveloperTech | October 2, 2013

Elliptic’s prototypes are already running sub-100ms; compared to current touchscreens which can only react with a ~120ms response time.

Elliptic Labs Releases an Android SDK for Its Ultrasound Touchless Gesture Interface

TheNextWeb | October 2, 2013

Elliptic Labs has released a new SDK to bring its ultrasound technology for touchless gesture control that will allow Android manufacturers and developers to adopt the interface for their smartphones, tablets and apps.

MURATA/Elliptic Labs Ultrasound Gesture Control

Ubergizmo | October 2, 2013

MURATA/Elliptic Labs Ultrasound Gesture Control may represent the next level of touchless gestures for portable devices.

This New Ultrasound Touchless Gesturing Tech Lets You Control Your Android Phone Like Xbox Kinect

VentureBeat | October 2, 2013

Elliptic thinks it has a better solution than Leap Motion’s or the S4′s. And, it claims, its technology will be widespread in the market in 2014 thanks to major Asian smartphone manufacturers who are coming on board.

Elliptic Labs Releases Ultrasound Gesturing SDK for Android, Will Soon Integrate Into Smartphones

Engadget | October 2, 2013

Elliptic’s technology allows users to gesture in various directions with multiple hands without having to keep their hands in front of the camera… or atop the phone at all, actually.


Engaget | October 2013

Elliptic’s Ultrasound Tech Will Let You Control Your Phone with a Wave of Your Hand

GigaOm | October 2, 2013

Elliptic labs can turn a smartphone into a gesture-sensing device with a couple of additional microphones and cheap transceiver. With three handset makers already trying the tech.

Leaping Ahead: Elliptic Debuts First Ultrasound Gesture Control for Android Devices

Forbes | October 2, 2013

Pending an actual hands-on (or hands-off as the case may be!) with an Elliptic-powered device, I score a provisional advantage for team Elliptic.

Elliptic Labs Launches Android SDK for Its Ultrasound-Powered Mid-Air Gesture Tech—Phones With “Touchless” UI Landing in 2H 2014

TechCrunch | October 2, 2013

Elliptic is offering the ability to ‘retro-fit’ the tech to existing applications. It’s calling this ability to map mid-air gestures to existing apps “gesture injection.

What Brought Norwegian Royalty to Silicon Valley

Bloomberg | May 14, 2013

Princess Mette-Marit waved her hand in front of the tablet computer developed by Elliptic Labs to test an ultrasound-powered control device.

Phones, Tablets to Get Touchless Gesture Technology by 2014

International Business Times | May 13, 2013

Well, the next generation of Apple and Samsung devices may bring your dreams closer to reality. Norway’s Elliptic Labs says it has developed technology that will bring touchless gesturing interfaces to smartphones, tablets and PCs in 2014.

Ellipticlabs Sees Touchless IPhones and Galaxies as the Future

SiliconBeat | May 10, 2013

Norwegian start-up Ellipticlabs is hard at work at an ultra-sound based system that makes touch screens untouch screens by letting users scroll and “click” with a wave of the hand.

Photos from the Crown Prince visit

Mercury News | May 8, 2013

Norway Royalty Visits Silicon Valley

NBC Bay Area | May 8, 2013

Norwegian Royal Couple Visits Silicon Valley Tech Incubator

Network World | May 8, 2013

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway visit Innovation House, an incubator for Norwegian tech start-ups in Palo Alto, on May 8, 2013.

Interview with Laila Danielsen at MWC in Barcelona

BNet TV | March 14, 2013

Interview with Laila Danielsen, VP of Business Development, at Mobile World Congress.

Mobile World Congress 2013

bnet TV| February 2013

TechBytes: Mobile World Congress

ABC News | February 28, 2013

Murata Implements Gesture Recognition With Ultrasonic Technology – CES 2013

Engineering TV | January 21, 2013

Engineering TV covers the launch of the new Murata ultrasonic transducer at CES 2013. Murata Implements Gesture Recognition With Elliptic Labs Ultrasonic Technology at CES 2013. Peter Tiller, Sr. Group Product Manager at Murata, talks about the world’s first SMD ultrasonic transducer at 40 KHz and 3D gesture recognition applications for mobile computing.

Elliptic Labs Uses Ultrasound for Touchless Gesture Control

CNET | January 8, 2013

CES 2013: Computers and Hardware – CNET Blogs. By Daniel Terdiman.

CES 2013

CNET| January 2013

Discovery Channel | November 14, 2012

Discovery Channel media coverage of Elliptic Windows Gesture Suite.

Elliptic Labs Launches Touchless Gesturing for Windows 8

eWeek | November 14, 2012

Elliptic Labs Launches Touchless Gesturing for Windows 8 By Nathan Eddy.

Elliptic Labs Launches Touchless Gesturing SDK for OEMs and Developers

Silicon Republic | November 13, 2012

Elliptic Labs launches touchless gesturing SDK for OEMs and developers by Elaine Burke.

Bringing “Minority Report” Touchless Gestures to Windows 8

CNET | November 13, 2012

Article by Roger Cheng.

Elliptic Labs Uses Ultrasound to Control Windows 8 Laptops

ITWorld | November 13, 2012

Article by Mikael Ricknäs.