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San Francisco, California and Hong Kong, China — Elliptic Labs, the innovator in ultrasound virtual sensors, today announced a partnership with Solomon Systech Limited, a leader in display controllers, that will help the smartphone market take a big step forward toward eliminating the outdated IR proximity sensor that has been around since the first smartphone. Eliminating the IR sensor gives an almost full screen display for smart phones that phone OEMs now see as a must-have.

The traditional infrared-based proximity sensor turns off the screen and disables the touch functionality when users hold the device up to their ear. Without the proximity sensor, a user's ear or cheek could accidentally trigger actions during a call, such as hanging up the call or dialing numbers while the call is ongoing. These hardware-based sensors take up space and require holes on the screen.

However, the partnership between Elliptic Labs and Solomon Systech makes possible a software-based proximity sensor solution that eliminates the IR hardware and replaces it with software that is more robust, better performing and opens up more screen real estate. Now, touch sensor data from Solomon Systech's AMOLED Touch controller IC family that powers capacitive touch screens can be combined with Elliptic's INNER BEAUTY® ultrasound Virtual Proximity Sensor™ data to provide a fusion of data, which makes the solution more precise than ever before. This solution can work on any smartphone.

"The partnership underscores Elliptic's focus on intelligently combining data from several sensors in order to improve performance and streamline space on mobile devices," said Elliptic CEO Laila Danielsen. "INNER BEAUTY software is embedded with machine learning that uses data from multiple sensors to give accurate results. No longer are phone designers forced into including needlessly thick bezels, notches, holes and other intrusions mandated by hardware optical sensors."

According to Iqbal Sharif, vice president, Solomon Systech (UK) Limited & general manager, Mobile Touch Business Operations, Solomon Systech Group, "The combination of Elliptic's state-of-the-art software with our high-performance touch controllers gives OEMs an unbeatable solution that will make possible better smartphones to greatly enhance the end-user experience."

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