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Oslo, Norway — Elliptic Labs' innovative INNER BEAUTY® AI Virtual Proximity Sensor™ technology will be an integral component in a new smartphone series from a top Asian OEM. This top-five smartphone manufacturer will deploy Elliptic's INNER BEAUTY AI Virtual Proximity Sensor on its upcoming mid-end model, replacing the traditional infrared hardware proximity sensor with Elliptic Labs' ultrasound-based software. Elliptic Labs' design win will enable this OEM to achieve a full-screen design without compromising on aesthetics or power requirements.

"Over the past few years, mobile OEMs have been on a mission to eliminate phone bezels for good," said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. "Virtual Proximity Sensors™ remove the need for hardware sensors, giving them a cleaner design and better performance while saving them money in the process."

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