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Oslo, Norway — Elliptic Labs announced today that it has signed a contract for a proof-of-concept project with a large Asian Laptop OEM, the second such contract achieved by Elliptic Labs this month. Both agreements revolve around implementing Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Security Sensor™ and its AI Virtual Gesture Sensor™ on laptops. This project will feature close collaboration between Elliptic Labs, the laptop OEM, and the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturers.

The AI Virtual Security Sensor and the AI Virtual Gesture Sensor are highly-optimized, super smart software-only sensors that utilize Elliptic Labs' Virtual Smart Sensor Hub™ to increase laptop intelligence by making a device contextually aware. Virtual sensors use ultrasound (transmitted through a device's built-in speaker and microphone) to sense a user and their surroundings. This information is then interpreted using AI by Elliptic Labs' Virtual Smart Sensor Hub, which translates data from the ultrasound waves into different user experiences.

"Our virtual sensors are receiving an exciting amount of attention and traction from both the largest PC and the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the laptop arena," said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. "Customers see great value in using our software-only solutions, which enable innovative and critical features to be deployed broadly across multiple laptop models."

Elliptic Labs has deliberately crafted their Virtual Smart Sensors™ to result in cost-efficient user functionality and sleeker device designs. For instance, its AI Virtual Security Sensor expands a laptop's security by automatically locking and awakening the screen based on the user's presence, without the need for additional hardware sensors. Its AI Virtual Gesture Sensor brings innovative modes of interaction to laptops through touchless 3D gestures, offering greater convenience and improved user experience. Its ever-popular INNER BEAUTY® AI Virtual Proximity Sensor™ revolutionized smartphone design by allowing OEMs to introduce full-screen, bezel-less phones. Finally, its pioneering AI Virtual Presence Sensor™ delivers wellness detection to devices with data readings so sensitive and precise, they can even determine a person's heartbeat and breathing rates.

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