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Intelligent Virtual Sensors Enable Smart Speakers and Other IoT Devices to Respond to Human Presence

San Francisco, CA — Elliptic Labs' Virtual Smart Sensor™ platform, powered by ultrasound, has been named a "Smart Devices" finalist by the Edison Awards in the category of Consumer Electronics and Information Technology. Elliptic Labs' Virtual Smart Sensor software, INNER REFLECTION™, uses presence detection technology to allow smartphones, wearables and other IoT devices to respond naturally to user presence. This breakthrough in AI ultrasound software creates a simpler and more natural machine-human interface beyond traditional voice-recognition abilities. The Edison Awards honor innovative products and technologies that change lives and positively impact the way humans interact with one another.

Finalists for this prestigious global competition represent the best in products and services, combined with excellence in leadership. The Edison Awards Steering Committee conducted an in-depth review of all nominations, followed by a peer review of senior executives recognized for their expertise in business, science and academia. Over 3,000 global professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education reviewed a final ballot. The winners will be picked on April 4 at the 32nd Annual Edison Awards Gala in New York City.

INNER REFLECTION uses Virtual Smart Sensor technology to detect and react to human presence and respond to user gestures, adding another level of intelligence to smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod. This enhancement allows users to do things like adjust a device's volume based on distance, pause a movie when they leave the room, or turn on lights when they enter. INNER REFLECTION's 180-degree interaction zone is sensitive to even submillimeter motion, making it a more accurate and natural interface than either voice or touch.

"The Edison Awards value excellence in human-centered design and innovation, which is why it chose our ultrasound solution as a finalist. INNER REFLECTION represents a new way of approaching design and interacting with smart consumer devices, making the whole experience simpler and easier," says Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. "While ultrasound is well known for its medical uses, Elliptic Labs is the first to pioneer ultrasound for consumer devices. OEMs love that they can reduce both costs and power requirements by replacing clunky hardware with AI-driven software."

INNER REFLECTION is available now to OEMS making smart speakers, smartphones and any device with multimedia.

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This work is partially supported by the EU H2020 Grant for SME Instrument Phase II, Project IMIR-UP (Grant No.849692)