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Ultrasonic Touchless Gesturing Technology Represents Next-Generation Interface for PCs, Tablets, Smartphones

Oslo, Norway and San Francisco, Calif. — Elliptic Labs, the leader in ultrasonic touchless gesturing, was named one of today's Top Up-and-Coming Technology Innovators Set to Disrupt Tech Markets by ABI Research. Included among the analyst firm's list of "Hot Tech Innovators" for 2015, Elliptic Labs was recognized for breakthrough technology that enables users to control an electronic device by hand movements all around a screen. Compared to other touchless gesture approaches, the company's ultrasound-based technology — which is similar to radar — is less costly, works flawlessly whether in bright or dim light and offers a much wider field of view. In addition, it requires up to 95 percent less power than camera-based approaches.

According to the ABI Research report on the "Hot Tech Innovators," the winners "share a common DNA. They are young, they are aggressive, they are nimble, their technology solution fills a 'needs-gap' and they are on the cusp of imminent breakout." Noted the report: "These are the companies you need to have on your radar" and are the ones that will most forcefully disrupt tech markets as well as offer the hottest acquisition targets.

Helping Elliptic Labs get recognized as a top innovator this year was a new capability recently added to its product called multi-layer interaction, which enables mobile devices to display different content depending on the distance and location of a user's hand from the screen. According to Elliptic Labs CEO Laila Danielsen, "This capability makes it faster to work with applications you use repeatedly during the day, such as checking messages, playing games, navigating maps, interacting with social media and watching videos."

The gesture recognition algorithms within the Elliptic Labs product can be run on a standard ARM application processor or a low-power DSP. The company has a prototype development kit available to OEM customers as well as a software development kit. To read the full white paper go to Hot Tech Innovators.