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Expansion Follows Response to INNER BEAUTY™ Ultrasound Proximity Solution

San Francisco, California and Beijing, China — Elliptic Labs, the global leader in ultrasound sensing, today announced it is expanding its footprint in Asia by opening a Beijing office, bringing new staff on board, and adding key executives. The company is continuing to operate its office in Shanghai, with the new additions reflecting the runaway success of INNER BEAUTY®, its ultrasound proximity solution, among smartphone OEMs. Debuted in the recently-released Mi Mix phone from top Chinese vendor Xiaomi, this revolutionary technology has helped the Mi Mix attract comments from industry observers like "breathtaking" and "the future of smartphones."

As interest in Elliptic Labs' software is exploding, the office and staff expansion in Asia will enable the company to support large, forward-looking OEMs in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

As part of this push, Elliptic Labs is staffing up its team to capitalize on this market momentum. One of the key hires is Dr. Holger Hussmann as senior vice president of technology. Besides helping to invent Bluetooth wireless technology, he has played a significant role in the mobile device market since 1994. Most recently, he was vice president at Telenor Digital, where he oversaw WowBox software. Prior to that, he spent 18 years at Nokia, leaving as the head of R&D. He earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Aachen University of Technology in Germany. Elliptic Labs will continue to expand its team in sales and product development in the U.S. and China.

Dr. Hussmann was attracted to Elliptic Labs after seeing its INNER BEAUTY™ technology, believing it was the last decade's biggest game-changer, and would help improve smartphone design and usage. "There's also the potential to disrupt and improve other vertical markets with this technology, such as the consumer market for Internet of Things devices in the home," he said.

INNER BEAUTY replaces the phone's hardware proximity sensor with ultrasound soft-ware and removes the black holes in the top bezel of the phone enabling a bezel-less de-sign, and thereby extending the functional area of the screen all the way to the top edge of the phone. Besides eliminating the unsightly holes on a phone's screen, Elliptic Labs' technology removes common issues with hardware proximity sensors, such as their unreliability in certain weather conditions or in response to various skin colors or dark hair. The value INNER BEAUTY brings to mobile OEMs includes not only more screen real estate but also reduced cost with the removal of the hardware sensor.

"Opening a new office in Beijing and bringing in top talent helps us to carry our unique ultrasound sensing technology into the worldwide markets that are primed to receive it," said Laila Danielsen, president and CEO of Elliptic Labs. "In the smartphone space alone, our technology will create a rebirth of exciting phone design and kick off a new era of growth that OEMs have been hoping for," she said.


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