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Oslo, Norway — Elliptic Labs (OSE: ELABS), a global AI software company and the world leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors™ currently deployed in over 500 million devices, will be participating in the 2024 Intel Client Ecosystem Symposium onsite in Taipei, Taiwan, from March 28 – 29, 2024. 

Invitations to this Symposium are typically handed out only to select Intel ecosystem OEMs, ODMs, ISV and IHVs partners, and this demonstrates Elliptic Labs’ position as a technological leader in AI, ultrasound, and sensor fusion within the PC/laptop space. 

"This is Elliptic Labs’ second year being invited to the Intel Symposium and reaffirms the deepening technological, strategic, and commercial relationship we’re cultivating with Intel,” stated Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. 
Under Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program track at the Symposium, Elliptic Labs will be sharing how the AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ introduces a software-only solution that solves critical problems facing PCs and laptops, like limited battery life and higher power consumption, compromised security and privacy, and general useability and device-to-device interoperability. 

With products like the AI Virtual Human Presence Sensor™, PCs and laptops are equipped with the intelligence of contextual awareness. Understanding whether the user is present or not in front of the device, the device has the intelligence to put itself to sleep, and secure the device from unwanted users while significantly decreasing power consumption and lengthening battery life. 

Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Seamless Sensor also enhances contextual awareness, allowing multiple devices to effortlessly discover, locate, identify, and connect with each other. For instance, it anticipates user intent based on the proximity of their devices, providing instant visual feedback in form of on-screen confirmation and relevant information without navigation. This instant visual feedback ensures successful connections, improving user engagement and efficiency in interactions, and is a vital design element for device-to-device connection and use of application across user’s devices. 

 “Attending the Intel Symposium provides an exciting platform for our team to further expand our collaboration with Intel and our shared customers and partners. Our involvement in this year’s Symposium underscores the value the PC industry places on the innovation provided by our AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform. This strong position in the PC space empowers Elliptic Labs to continue delivering products that are more environmentally friendly, intelligent, and user-friendly,” adds Laila Danielsen. 

To learn more about the Intel Client Ecosystem Symposium, please visit: https://symposium.intel.com/Symposium/Home