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Oslo, Norway — Elliptic Labs (OSE: ELABS), a global AI software company and the world leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors™ currently deployed in over 500 million devices, is shipping its AI Virtual Proximity Sensor™ INNER BEAUTY® on HONOR’s 200 and 200 Pro smartphones for the global market. Elliptic Labs’ partner Qualcomm will drive both HONOR 200 series smartphones. The mid-tier HONOR 200 smartphone will have the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset, while the flagship HONOR 200 Pro will utilize the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset. Elliptic Labs signed the contract for this shipment in March 2024 and is announcing it here.
"HONOR’s 200 and 200 Pro designs bring the total number of HONOR smartphones equipped with Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform to 22 devices,” said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. “We are industry leaders in AI/ML, ultrasound technology, and sensor fusion, making Elliptic Labs the innovative choice for the biggest smartphone makers like HONOR. Together, we continue to deliver products that are greener, smarter, and more user-friendly."