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Oslo, Norway Elliptic Labs (OSE: ELABS), a global AI software company and the world leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors™ currently deployed in over 500 million devices today, has signed another license agreement with Xiaomi, the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The new contract empowers Xiaomi to add Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Proximity Sensor™ INNER BEAUTY® as its proximity detection solution in multiple upcoming smartphones.

“It is extraordinary for the customer relationship between Elliptic Labs and Xiaomi to not only survive multiple generations of devices but thrive and continue to grow,” said Elliptic Labs’ CEO Laila Danielsen. “Together, Elliptic Labs and Xiaomi have been at the center of industry-defining designs, and we’re proud that we continue this legacy. Our collective passion for developing greener, safer, and more human friendly devices will always be the core of the relationship with Xiaomi.”