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Enabling presence detection and 3D touchless gestures for smart refrigerators' large displays

Oslo, Norway — In a groundbreaking announcement marking Elliptic Labs' (OSE: ELABS-ME) entrance into the IoT market, Elliptic Labs has secured an agreement to license its software to a large Smart Appliance OEM in Asia. The license will allow the OEM to integrate Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Smart Sensor™ technology into their smart refrigerators. 

The OEM's smart refrigerators have large displays used to watch television, shop online, and listen to music. By licensing Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Gesture Sensor™ and AI Virtual Presence Sensor™, the OEM will have the ability to add unprecedented contextual awareness, touchless gestures and intelligence to their smart refrigerator interfaces, greatly enhancing the users' experience.

The AI Virtual Presence Sensor will enable the smart refrigerator's screen to turn on or off based on user distance, and the AI Virtual Gesture Sensor will enable users to perform in-air touchless gestures to change the recipe they're reviewing, the music they're listening to, or scroll through a website they're visiting. Together, these virtual software sensors will eliminate the need to touch the screen, greatly improving screen cleanliness and increasing user safety by reducing the transmission of germs, food bacteria, and even simple smudges.

"The innovation, power, and value of Elliptic Labs' Virtual Smart Sensor™ software is driving strong growth both in our traditional markets and in new verticals, as demonstrated by this agreement," said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. "Leading OEMs understand how vital innovation is to their continued success, which is why they partner with us to strengthen the quality of their user experiences. More and more smart refrigerators have large screens to extend their usability, enabling things like TV viewing, online shopping, and music listening. Bringing our AI Virtual Smart Sensors™ to these smart refrigerators simplifies and improves how people can unlock these new experiences."

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