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This new customer plans to make 100 million smartphones in 2021

Oslo, Norway — Elliptic Labs (EuroNext Growth: ELABS.OL) has signed a software license agreement contract with a large new customer that plans to produce 100 million smartphones in 2021. This large Asian smartphone OEM has chosen Elliptic Labs' INNER BEAUTY® AI Virtual Proximity Sensor™ to power proximity detection in its upcoming mid-end smartphone as a start. The introduction of Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ into its smartphone portfolio also opens up new capabilities for the OEM, allowing them to incorporate features such as touchless gesture detection into their future smartphone models.

"This is a big win for us and we are thrilled to have secured an enterprise license contract with another leading smartphone brand," explained Elliptic Labs' CEO Laila Danielsen. "With manufacturers constantly seeking better solutions in order to add more intelligence to their devices, it is imperative that the solutions also are greener and more ecologically responsible. Elliptic Labs' software-only solution reduces the need to mine rare minerals to create more hardware sensors. Furthermore, by using our AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform to make devices more contextually aware, OEMs are able to turn off devices when users are not nearby, thereby saving on power and emissions as well."

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